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AHO International

We are a boutique educational consultancy with a commitment to culturally responsive practises in the Education & Care sector. AHO International leans itself to creating effective and future-focussed innovations whilst enabling Community partnerships in governance, management & leadership.

We specialise in Early Childhood recruitment & training that empowers a renewed generation of Teachers that bring with them history, new energy and passion with localised relevancy whilst fostering connections in the Communities in which they work.

In the wider world of communities, AHO International is driven by our unique cultural expression of care for children, teachers and whānau enacting “tiakitanga” (meaning to care for, guard, preserve and protect all people) in our profession and all those who encounter in.

We welcome you, and invite you to explore with us how AHO International can be of service to you!

Ngā Ratonga

Our Services

Aho Consultancy

Through Aho International’s consultancy service, we create and develop competent leadership that is ecologically sustainable and has the ability to transform the experience of education through learning programmes.

Aho Recruitment

Our team at Aho International provides recruitment, induction and mentoring services along with support for educators and teachers who are seeking employment or transitioning in their career in education.

Aho Education

Our comprehensive range of services and events will enrich the professional learning and educational offerings in the ECE sector and in teaching communities.

“Ko te tangi a te manu, hui, hui, hui, hui mai
Huia i runga, Huia i raro,
Huia i roto, Huia i waho
Huia te muka tangata mai Hawaiki”

‘Tis the call of the bird, gather, gather, gather, gather
Gather in the realms above, gather in the realms below
Gather in the inward realms, gather in the outer realms
By the sacred threads of humanity from Hawaiki


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