AHO Consultancy

AHO Consultancy

Aho Consultancy is a service we offer to the Early Childhood Education sector in New Zealand. We provide solutions for individual teachers and learning centres to promote collective venture growth.

Through Aho International’s consultancy service, we create and develop competent leadership that is ecologically sustainable and has the ability to transform the experience of education through learning programmes that are culturally responsive, diverse and inclusive.

We are serious about teacher career training and development, and we aim to support teachers from entry-level until they progress into leadership. Equally important is working with educational organisations to develop innovative, custom learning and support programmes which nurture, safeguard and grow the future leaders in ECE teaching.

We accomplish this through consultation, coaching and collaborative leadership training services to produce commercial viability and success for teachers and education centres. We develop custom programmes for professional development, with full support that is unique in the marketplace.

Aho Consultancy offers many options for engagement including online, face-to-face and in-residence support to deliver transformative results in:


  • Governance, management and leadership growth
  • Leading teams and change management coaching
  • Strategic planning
  • ECE Centre annual planning
  • ECE licensing support
  • ECE strategy and action plan integration
  • ECE cultural diversity and inclusion.


Aho International is a leader in the sector, offering Early Childhood Centres support with various aspects of training and professional development, recruiting and transitioning into new roles. For more information on Aho Consulting, Recruitment or Education, please complete the form below and we will be in touch.

Testimonials and Accolades

Christine Legg KU Children’s Services, AUS

Thank you Bonnie for your valuable contribution in helping us to achieve an ‘Exceeding the National Quality Standard’ rating.  It is the work that you do that contributes greatly to KU’s highly regarded reputation

Ann Pelo Author and Pedagogical Consultant, USA

Bonnie is extraordinary leader.  She has carried her centre far beyond prescribed, outcome driven curriculum anchoring it in the practice of co-authored critical research.  We have much to learn from her powerful new voice.

New Voice New Voice in Early Childhood Education

New Voice Scholar 2019 – New Voice in Early Childhood Education New Voice Scholarships recognize forward thinking, contextually relevant and responsive educational leaders whose work has had an impact above and beyond their immediate context.

KU Since - 1895 Making the KU Difference Awards – 2019

Making the KU Difference by Representing KU and KU Making a Difference in Quality.  Presented to individuals for recognition of their outstanding contributions to KU, children, families, and communities over the past year.