AHO Education

AHO Education

Our comprehensive range of services and events will enrich the professional learning and educational offerings in the ECE sector and in teaching communities.

AHO Education provides a range of training opportunities to broaden the skillsets of educators, from entry-level to leadership.

We know that formal teacher training is just the beginning of the professional development of a teacher. That is why Aho International is committed to a relationship with teachers, giving them a high level of professional support over the course of their teaching career. Our educational programmes are focused on developing the practice and professional careers of teachers over their lifetime. We offer various options for teachers – from school leavers all the way through to leadership.

With international contributors and collaborative partnerships, we have the depth of experience and resources to expand the training opportunities of educators, teachers, managers and leaders. Our programmes all share a common purpose; to broaden educators’ perspectives of early learning education and to create a diverse range of skills they are able to draw upon in their work.

As thought leaders in the ECE education sector, we develop innovative learning solutions based upon the pedagogy of listening and leadership skills. We offer tailored, unique curriculum design with organisations, where they have full ownership of the design and they construct the communication. As a transformational organisation, we create everything for you and support you with implementation.

Early Childhood Education is an area of growth for New Zealand, with a need for ECE teachers all over the country. With our educational opportunities, we aim to develop and support and nurture teachers from the onset of their careers until their career path is fully developed. We are here to nurture the rising teacher generation and build capacity within the early education sector in New Zealand through our programmes and services.