Our Story

Our Creation Story

The creation story of Aho was born in 2019, whilst travelling through Europe, the United Emirates and Australia, meeting with educators, teachers, researchers and leaders from Singapore, Japan and Brazil, I became conscious to the high regard of the New Zealand education system and how much they looked to New Zealand for innovative solutions to deliver inspired educational outcomes that valued the Cultural knowledge and identities of iwi and hapu in professional learning, teacher training and empowenng cross-cultural understandings and connections that span across countries and citizenship.

I discovered what they desired the most was the Idea of having a culturally rich, inclusive and transformational education system that could liberate its children and teachers to pursue a new agenda for education In the 21st Century which afforded a practice of Freedom for the profession. 

Aho International is a collective response to these desires and we set out to establish a company with the Intention of being a demonstration of this kind of education; with the Cultural message that is best signified In the AHO brand, ‘the feather of Rehua’, as a call to gather in all people, to create and cause transformational experiences for our nations children, teachers and leaders within their unique educative communities.

Aho is the thread that pulls forward international contributions, cultural connections and inclusions, as well as, acknowledging the genius of indigenous innovation for
Aotearoa/New Zealand to learn and lead education globally.