AHO Recruitment

AHO Recruitment

Our team at Aho International provides recruitment, induction and mentoring services along with support for educators and teachers who are seeking employment or transitioning in their career in education.

Aho Recruitment supports early childhood educators and teachers to discover their passion and their potential.

We are driven by an ethic of care for all those who work in the education sector and to create a culture of tiakitanga – to guard, preserve, conserve, nurture and protect our profession.

We are agents and advocates for providing specialist recruitment services that are culturally responsive and which meet current industry demands. In the Hibiscus Coast, we offer a suite of services across the region, supporting local recruitment for Early Childhood Education Centres that are all in need of teachers at all levels. As part of our service offering, we not only handle recruitment but support teachers and learning centres on their journey of professional development and leadership.

Our recruitment of entry-level ECE teachers focuses on diversity and inclusion. We aim to empower a new generation of Kiwi teachers, who are closely knitted to their local community and their area. These teachers are culturally responsive and connected to the history and culture of their communities. We nurture, preserve and protect our teachers, professionally supporting teachers in our sector. These young teachers bring new energy and passion to early childhood education which helps to build capacity and resilience in the sector for the future. Furthermore, we help teachers to develop their practice and professional career at all levels of their journey. We offer professional support and care during their career.